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our history

Our company was founded in 1996, the result of passion and the desire to offer a QUALITY product.

Limoncello di Sorrento IGP is a typical specialty of Campania appreciated everywhere. But how is this liqueur born? What are the origins of Sorrento limoncello, how is it made and what are the "secrets" of its success?

The Sorrento lemon is rich in essential oils, it is therefore very fragrant and aromatic, it has different organoleptic characteristics, very particular, compared to other types of lemons ". Limoncello di Sorrento has the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark as a guarantee of the quality of the product, whose "standards" are controlled by the specific Consortium.

To be true limoncello di Sorrento PGI, the liqueur must be made with four simple ingredients: lemon peel from Sorrento PGI (you need at least 250 grams of whole lemons for each liter of alcohol) from which the infusion is obtained, and then decalcified water and alcohol hydrate. Without any preservatives or dyes.

The word "limoncello" is allowed only for liqueurs produced with IGP lemons from the Sorrento peninsula and the Protected Geographical Indications mark guarantees the authenticity of the product. Among the tricks for the preparation of Sorrento limoncello there is one to observe from the very first phase, that of harvesting the lemons that must be peeled, this is the secret, as soon as they are detached from the tree, that is "when they are still fresh".

After peeling, the lemon peels are subjected to alcoholic infusion for 10-15 days, then the "peels" are removed and the alcoholic solution obtained is mixed with water and sugar.

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